Joshua T. Prince

Software Engineer

Greater Sacramento, California

I'm Josh, and I'm a programmer, software engineer, and tinkerer of all things involving computers. My introduction to programming was making mods for Minecraft and other games as a teenager. I studied Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California at Davis from 2015 to 2019, and currently work as an embedded software engineer. Some technologies I've worked with that I find exciting:

Rust Python TypeScript React Unity Kotlin Docker

Projects and Games

Craps Map

A web app that plots community-sourced information about North American casino dice tables.

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A Google Chrome extension that identifies controversial topics and offers readers articles posing alternative viewpoints. Winner of the Hack Harassment award at HackDavis 2017. Created with Amber Graham and Parker Luft.

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A twist on the classic space shooter game, created in Unity for Global Game Jam 2018.

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Basket Tower

A simple Unity game about stacking baskets, created in 12 hours at UC Davis Game Dev and Arts Club Game Jam in Spring 2017.

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A Python program built on that allows users to upload and play custom sound clips in their Discord voice channels.

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Maximum Tower

A Tower Defense game created in Unity in 12 hours, and winner in People's Choice category of UC Davis Game Jam, Fall 2016. Created along with Will Chilcote and Jason Zhang.

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Please find me on LinkedIn for any professional inquiries. For personal inquiries, email me at contact @ this domain.