A fully customizable sound effect bot for Discord.

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Soundboards are not a new idea — there are countless apps and services that offer a decent selection of sound effects, with origins ranging from TV shows to video games to the users themselves. But for the average Discord server, there is often a demand for very specific sound effects: perhaps the group wants to be able to play sounds from a lesser-known game, or a recorded clip of one of their friends saying something iconic. Maybe the group wants to hear well-known sounds, but finding soundboards for each would result in an unnecessary number of bot users in the server.

I made Cassoundra after I saw how much fun my friends had with standard soundboards, and realized how much more fun they would be if not limited to the handful of sound effects selected by someone else.

Simple Web Interface

Anyone can upload any MP3 file on their computer, giving it any name that hasn't already been used. If the sound effect might be startling to some listeners, it may be marked "Loud."

The full list of sounds available to be played, as well as previews and play counts, are also available from the web interface.

Playback Interface Integrated with Discord

Playing back any sound is as simple as typing it into a text channel preceded by ! while you're in a voice call.

Only one sound can be playing at a time. Anyone can stop the playing sound by sending a ~.

Online Sound Integration

Even sound files that aren't uploaded to Cassoundra can be played. Nearly all video and audio websites can be played as though they were uploaded directly with the website. Simply type !! followed by a link to the sound.